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Musical Instrument Hire

Musical Instrument Hire

Big Music's instrument hire program makes it easy to start playing on a quality instrument with no upfront cost and affordable weekly payments. Hire is available on a range of contemporary instruments and special discounted rates apply for Big Music's students. 


Reasons to Hire 

• Try before you buy

• Quality instruments

• Low weekly payments

• No lock in contract

• No maintenance hassles


Instruments for Hire

Great for Kids

Classical Guitar (3/4)

BM Student       Standard

$7.00 / Week      $9.50 / Week

Easy to Play

Classical Guitar

BM Student       Standard

$7.50 / Week      $10.00 / Week

Practice Silently!

Electronic Drum Kit

BM Student         Standard

$25 / Week           $35 / Week

Authentic Tone

Piano-style Keyboard

BM Student          Standard

$12 / Week            $16 / Week

Ready to Rock!

Electric Guitar

BM Student        Standard

$13.00 / Week     $18.00 / Week

Quality Bass

Bass Guitar

BM Student        Standard

$13.50 / Week    $18.00 / Week

Spruce Top

Acoustic Guitar

BM Student         Standard

$10.00 / Week      $13.50 / Week


Keyboard Stand

BM Student        Standard

$2.50 / Week       $3.50 / Week

P.A. Audio Hire 

For your party or function, Big Music has a range of PA and Professional Audio Gear available for hire - including loud speakers, microphones and lighting.


Contact our Workshop on (02) 8622 6588 to discuss your PA Hire requirements.