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Music Lessons 

Private music lessons with our inspirational coaches are available Monday - Sunday in our spacious, sound-proof and fully-equipped studios in Crows Nest. 

We cater for all ages and every skill level from beginners to pros.  With more than 35 experienced coaches on our team, we guarantee to find one that's just right for you! 

Music Lessons at Big Music

Playing a musical instrument is a source of joy at any age, and has proven mental and physical health benefits. 


Research shows that people who take up an instrument and get regular lessons from a good teacher (that they like) are 4 times more likely to keep playing and progressing beyond the first year.   

At Big Music, we employ song-based learning and encourage you to learn the songs that you love, so that you will be more motivated to practice and progress. Our priority is to make you love playing, not make you play perfect scales! 

Based on your goals, our expert coaches will customise a lesson plan for you and let you go at your own pace.  We have coaches to suit every level of experience and style of music.

So come on, give it a go!  We'd love to help you achieve your musical dreams.  


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Off-Peak Timetable

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If you are an existing student or have any issues filling out this form, please email us via or call 02 8622 6550

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