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Did you Know: What’s the best Keyboard for Beginners?

Looking for the perfect entry level keyboard to start you, or a loved one, on a musical journey?

Here’s our suggestions

The Yamaha PSRE-363 gives beginners everything they need, starting with a 61-note touch sensitive keyboard and a big range of features, at a very affordable price. It’s also lightweight, portable and can run on batteries.

Kids will find the 574 instrument voices and 165 backing accompaniment styles from musical genres all over the world fun and interesting to explore.

For those who prefer to keep it simple, just press the portable grand button for a classic grand piano voice.

The PSRE-363 is made for learning with built-in step by step lessons and Touch Tutor to help develop feel and expression. There is also a songbook available for download, to accompany the onboard song list. Duo mode splits the keyboard in half, making it ideal for lessons at home with a private tutor.

Conclusion: There are cheaper keyboards out there, but none we know of with touch sensitive keys and so many features as the Yamaha PSRE-363.

(RRP $349, Big Music's Price $269 as at 21/11/2018)

If you want a simple keyboard without all the “fancy bells and whistles" that more closely resembles the experience of playing a real piano, the Yamaha NP32 is for you.

With 76 keys it’s only 12 short of a standard piano, more than enough for beginners to intermediate players to hone their skills. And the piano tones, sampled from a Yamaha concert grand piano, sound rich and sweet.

It’s also light enough to be carried in one hand and runs on batteries, so you can take it anywhere and play all the time!

The NP-32 features a “Graded Soft Touch keyboard” with keys in the bass register having a heavier feel while the high notes are lighter. It's amazingly natural and expressive.

Conclusion: For a simple, portable and sweet sounding starter piano, the Yamaha NP32 can’t be beat.

(RRP $449, Big Music’s Price $359 as at 21/11/2018)

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