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Get to know our Coaches - Henry Sinclair

Max Jacobs Guitar & Bass Coach

In the Get to know our Coaches feature we have our coaches share a bit more about themselves, their experience in the music industry, what inspires them and what interests they have outside of music.

Today we have the

Drum Coach Henry Sinclair.

Favourite three Albums?

Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd

Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis

Grace - Jeff Buckley

Best live show you have attended?

I find it very hard to narrow down my answer to one artist but one show that blew me away was Kamasi Washington at the Sydney Opera House.

What is your career highlight?

Thus far, it would have to be one of my band's songs getting in the top 10 of the Triple J Unearthed charts.

Who inspires you?

My musical heroes often change, depending what I've been listening to but will always include Steve Gadd, Mark Giuliana, Tony Williams and Miles Davis.

Name a song that is your guilty pleasure?

I'm a sucker for a catchy pop tune! Boys - Charli XCX.

Interests and hobbies apart from music?

I've always had a strong interest in sport, such as golf, rugby and football. I also enjoy reading and keeping up to date with politics.

What's you hidden talent?

As a young boy I used to be pretty good at Ripsticking.

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