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Linda Taylor Vocal Workshop

Linda Taylor is a passionate vocal performer and coach. She has vast experience with vocal education and performance and enjoys sharing her love and understanding of the voice with her students to help them reach and smash their singing goals.

This workshop is a must for all young vocalists as Linda understands the importance of promoting good vocal technique right from the star of your vocal training . This will ensure that you look after your voice and reach your full potential.

The Masterclass will cover:vocal technique and music theory is the foundation to one’s confident access to creativity.

  • Beginning/basics vowels

  • Standing and sitting singing position

  • Body awareness

  • What is the diaphragm?

  • Basics to healthy singing

  • Breathing

  • Basic vowel, breath and vocal fold warm ups - specifically vowel arpeggios, bubbles, sirens, fricative breath exercises.

  • Singing simple songs together

  • Vocal canon rounds

Give us a call on (02) 8622 6550 to secure yourself a spot now as spaces are limited!

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