Kyle Barr

Drums | Guitar | Piano 

 Band​s | Rock Shows

Kyle started out as a drummer by going into the kitchen at the age of 2 and overturning anything he could find to make it into a drums set. While keeping up his drumming, he then took piano lessons and made it his business to learn the guitar too.

Kyle is also sought out as a drummer for hire, filling in for acts such as Caligula and playing regularly with the band Tensions Arise.

Most of all Kyle loves connecting with other musicians because he believes there is so much to learn from each other. Kyle is excited about the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience and to encourage others with their passion for music.

Tom Christie

Vocals | Piano | Guitar


Since picking up the guitar in his early teens, Tom has been passionately involved in the world of music. At age 18 he began his career as a solo performing artist, and he has since opened for acts including Husky and Sarah McLeod. He is also an accomplished songwriter, and dedicates much of his free time to writing and recording his own material.

As a coach, Tom is primarily focused on guitar and voice, however he also plays keyboards and bass. He can also help you in areas such as songwriting, harmony, arranging, and recording. 

Gideon Bensen


Vocals | Piano | Guitar | Bass | Electronic Music Production | Band Mentor

Gideon is a session guitarist with ten years experience playing with rock/pop and contemporary musical acts. He has toured the world with his former band, The Preatures.


From humble beginnings: playing local venues to playing festival stages around the world including Glastonbury and Coachella. In 2015 Gideon played a sold out show in the Joan Sutherland Theatre at the Sydney Opera House, a career highlight. After eight productive years with The Preatures Gideon decided to broaden his skill set by playing with different acts and honing his skills in the recording studio.


Currently Gideon is working as the Musical Director for indie/pop artist Jack Gray and he is also playing bass guitar for up-and-coming artist Tyne-James Organ.


Gideon is a passionate coach who inspires his students by drawing on the wealth of experience that he has gained from taking his love of music around the world.

Joel Debien

Guitar | Bass 


Bachelor of Performance (Contemporary Guitar) - AIM

After becoming involved in music in high school and spending countless hours developing his own musicianship and guitar skills, Joel took his studies to the 'Australian Institute of Music', where he graduated with a 'Bachelor of Performance (Contemporary Guitar)'.

Joel has built up an extensive amount of industry experience, whether it be  appearing on live TV with the 'X-Factor' band, gigging with various cover bands  or writing his own material.

Joel likes to instil a feeling of confidence when he coaches, and takes a very positive and energetic , yet also focused and structured approach; taking pride in helping students express their own unique voice on their instrument

Sasha Flikier


Guitar | Piano | Vocals 

Bachelor Teaching

(High School Music) - USYD

Bachelor of Music (Performance in Voice & Composition) - AIM

Sasha has been involved with music since the ripe young age of 4 and while at school, performed, competed and toured nationally and internationally in one of Australia's best choirs. 

Sasha has toured nationally and internationally with his original bands Venus Fly Trap and Wormholes Exist. He also performs regularly in cover bands ranging across many musical styles and genres.

Sasha gets outstanding results from his students, including his former student "Ruel" who recently won an Aria for best breakthrough artist.

Rachel Florence


Drums | Guitar | Piano 

 Band​s | Rock Shows

Bachelor of Music  - AIM

Rachel started learning classical piano and drums/percussion in primary school. Her love for music continued through high school, where she learned bass, guitar and cello and studied Music 2 and Music Extension.


Rachel completed a B. Music at AIM where she played in the Big Band, Salsa Band and Jazz Ensemble as well as working in rock, folk and cover bands. Since then she has played in her electro pop band, playing various venues, festivals and warehouses across Sydney.

Rachel aims to create an environment where students can have fun and develop a passion for their instrument while ensuring they push their boundaries to get the most out of their learning experience.

Nellie Zydenbos

Nellie LOW EDIT_edited.png

Kinder Beat | Piano | Vocals

Nellie started her musical journey as a vocal student at Big Music. While at Big Music, Nellie blossomed as a vocalist and performer, and in 2016 she was selected for Big Music’s representative band, the Bandits. Nellie has performed with the Bandits at the Enmore theatre and several festivals including Bribie Island, Hope Rocks and the annual Elvis Festival at Parkes. Nellie’s passion for music has lead her to continue her musical education at the Australian Institute of Music where she is currently studying a Bachelor of Music.


Nellie believes music plays an important role in child development and, having spent the last few years as Big Music’s popular birthday party host, she has a great rapport with young children.

Aaron Gullotto

Aaron Low.png

Guitar | Bass | Bands Rockshows

Bachelor of Music  - AIM

Getting his first guitar at the tender age of 6, Aaron quickly found a passion for music and by the time he hit high school he had already begun to form bands with his mates.


At 15, Aaron successfully auditioned for the Australian Institute of Music for his senior years of high school. After the HSC, he continued on at AIM completing his Bachelor degree. Aaron is continuously gigging around Sydney, both as a session player and with his originals band Sly Robin. 

Aaron is a passionate coach who aims to keep learning fun and interesting.

Jack Hermann

Jackson NEW LOW.png


After receiving his first drum kit at the age of 4, Jack has continued with his passion for drumming to this day. He is a versatile drummer capable of playing and coaching a variety of different styles including jazz, funk, rock and metal. 


Jack has participated in two US tours with Big Music, as well as two Australian tours as a support act in a pop punk band. Jack has had a relationship with Big Music for a number of years, initially as a band member and student. Recently, he spent 12 months working in a primary school caring for and coaching drums.


Jack promises to maintain a fun, supportive learning environment and aims to transfer his passion for drumming and inspire those he coaches.

Ben Siva

Ben Low.png

Guitar | Bass | Vocals

Piano | Rock Shows

Ben finished his HSC at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) Secondary College, where he excelled with a Band 6 in Music. His high school experience, as well as the brilliant musicians he met along the way sculpted his playing and performance abilities into what they are today. He is now in the middle of his Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Music at Macquarie University. Currently, Ben is the frontman of an original band, Plastic Jack, and is emersing himself in the thriving culture of the Sydney music scene, co-creating Local Live, a live recording company and YouTube channel for original bands around the city.

Bachelor of Arts - Music and Journalism

Max Jacobs


Guitar | Bass

Rock Shows

Bachelor of Music - AIM

Max has been passionate about music since he was just a kid blasting B.B. King out of an old CD player. From the moment he picked up a guitar at the age of 13 everything fell into place for him. He did his final years of high school at the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) where he topped his class and is now half way through his Bachelor of Music at AIM. A former student at Big Music, Max currently plays in 2 originals bands, Plastic Jack and The Hideaways, as well as session playing for a few local acts.


Max believes there is no such thing as a set way to teach students and that the experience needs to be tailored to each player and each style whether it be Jazz, Blues, Funk, Classical or Rock. 

Grace Labrum


Bass | Guitar | Rock Shows


Bachelor of Music - AIM

First picking up a bass guitar in the school band to then playing at Big Music when she was younger, Grace always loved being on stage creating live music. Grace finished high school at the Australian Institute of Music and later went on to study a Bachelor of Music there.


Having played beside Fletcher Pilon, 2016 winner of Australia’s Got Talent, Grace was granted the awesome opportunity to track bass in the studio with him for his new EP. Grace is also a session bass player for a few local acts around Sydney. 


Grace believes that no two students learn the exact same way and that students will progress the most when they enjoy the learning process.

Kelly Legg


Guitar | Piano | Ukulele 

 Vocals | Kinder Beat 

B Teaching & Arts (Deakin)

B Music (Contemp. Performance)

First Aid Certified

Kelly took up violin lessons at the age of 7, and guitar in high school. Kelly has performed in many orchestras, choirs, rock bands and as a soloist throughout the years.

Kelly helps students to achieve their goals and, most importantly, have fun! 

Jasmine Rae


Vocals | Piano

Advanced Diploma

(Music Performance)

First Aid Certified

Jasmine is a professional singer, songwriter and entertainer with a passion for coaching and learning.


After studying an Advanced Diploma in Music Performance in Melbourne (2007), Jasmine has been recording and releasing music, touring nationally and coaching singing.


By focussing on technique, vocal health and performance confidence Jasmine will help you to develop your own personal style while also expanding your musical knowledge and repertoire.


Katie Helms

Guitar | Bass

Katie's passion for music began during high school, when she was given a guitar as a gift. From the age of fourteen her playing really started to blossom when she began having guitar and bass lessons at Big Music.


In 2017, Katie was selected as a bass player for the Big Music Bandits. During her time in the Bandits Katie performed at various large venues and festivals around Australia, including the Enmore Theatre, Hope Rocks and the Parkes Elvis Festival. Katie is currently studying a Bachelor of Music at JMC Academy.

Katie makes her lessons fun and engaging while also giving her students the tools that they require in order to develop their musicianship.

Angus MacAuslan

Angus Low.png

Bass | Guitar | Piano 

Rock Shows

First Aid Certified

Angus is a multi-instrumentalist based originally from country NSW.


Angus started his musical journey at the age of 8 on the piano and studied piano formally until he was 15. After this Angus began to study bass guitar and began gigging professionally at the age of 16. Angus still plays regularly in the Sydney area as a bass player, guitarist and keys player.


Angus has a real passion for coaching music and uses a song-based learning approach.

Gene Maynard


Drums | Rock Shows

Band Mentor 

First Aid Certified

Gene started playing drums with pots and pans at a very young age. He now has over 30 years of musical experience behind him, including time spent playing with members of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The Cruel Sea, and the Go Betweens to name a few.


Gene's philosophy is to coach the important fundamentals of drumming including posture, dynamics, technique and listening to band members and learning songs. Over the years he has taught a diverse range of students and has witnessed first hand how music can change a persons life in a positive way.

Lucas Straz


Guitar | Bass | Piano | Vocals | Electronic Music Production

Born into a musical family, Lucas developed a strong passion, knowledge and natural instinct for sound & composition across a broad range of styles. Having played the guitar since the age of six, Lucas has gained a thorough understanding of the instrument which he has displayed through live performance at a local and international level including workshops, private & group tuition, song writing sessions and studio work.

Woodie Wooodward



Bachelor of Entertainment (Performance) JMC

Woodie has been behind the kit for 20 years earning a reputation as a talented and reliable musician who can comfortably play a wide range of styles.

Maintaining an active playing schedule with Sydney based Rock ‘n’ Roll band FANGZ, Woodie also works regularly as a drummer-for-hire when required.

Woodies' relaxed coaching style and individually tailored approach to drum lessons makes him a very colourful and in demand drum coach at Big Music.

Nick Twiney



Nick’s love for the piano flourished when he started teaching himself jazz piano at the age of 10. After gigging at various pubs and venues throughout Sydney with his band, Toy Temple, Nick then moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. 


While studying for his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Composition, Nick formed a jazz trio that played across Boston, including on the Boston cable access show African Ascent. Since returning to Sydney he has become a familiar face on the gigging circuit playing for funk band Funk Engine and rock band Shamanic.

Bachelor of Music

Berklee College

Nick Kalef


Guitar | Bass

Bachelor of Sound & Music Design

After finding his mothers guitar in storage at age 13, Nicholas began devoting most of his time and energy into learning to play. Through years of lessons and an enthusiasm to learn every song he liked the sound of, Nick has become a competent well-rounded Guitarist.


After finishing school, Nick completed a Bachelor of Sound and Music design, teaching him the skills to branch out into composing music for both films and games. Nick’s other ventures include performing covers in a duo at both weddings, markets and corporate events and recording his own music.


Nick strives to spread his love of guitar playing with an emphasis on fun. His coaching methods help you learn the fundamentals whilst playing the songs you know and enjoy. 

Cleo Venner


Drums | Piano | Vocals 

Bachelor of Music Education

While Cleo has a particular passion for classic rock, she grew up studying classical music and has a thorough approach to technique and skill acquisition. She has played with artists such as Idea of North, Synergy, Taikoz and Ice Cube as well as a number of orchestras and stage bands. Cleo is currently studying for a Bachelor of Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Oli Naglost


Vocals | Piano | Guitar | Bass | Drums | Bands

Having joined the Big Music family in 2011, Oli lives and breathes all things music. Since starting on the guitar at the age of five and on the drums at the age of six he has gained a Diploma in Music Performance (drums) and completed his HSC, scoring 50/50 for Extension Music.


Oli has been winning band comps since he was eleven and has toured the US with Big Music, three times. A true multi-instrumentalist, Oli has sung with Roger Waters, played bass at Graceland and was a finalist in the Sydney Junior Guitar Championships. Oli’s current band Dysfunction have recorded and released music that has enjoyed commercial radio airplay.


Oli loves to share his musical passion with his students and also seeks to inspire them to learn, have fun and enjoy the whole process.

Te Shelford


Guitar | Vocals | Piano | Bass

Te grew up around music, which led him to develop a passion for guitar and piano during his High School years.


Upon leaving school, Te followed this passion onwards with a Bachelor of Contemporary Performance at the Australian Institute of Music majoring in vocals. He has also been playing guitar and piano since high-school.

Throughout his music career Te has been involved in musical productions, backing vocals on The Voice and various music projects such as cover and original bands. He is always gigging around Sydney with acoustic and band sets.

Te wants his students to enjoy their time developing skills for the instrument and help build their confidence to achieve their goals

Bachelor of Contemporary Performance (AIM)

Grace Mankey


Vocals | Piano

Grace began playing classical piano at the age of five. A few years later she discovered Big Music which broadened her taste in music. Essentially growing up at Big Music, Grace rapidly developed her piano, vocal and performance skills which led to her being chosen to tour the US with Big music in 2017. After returning from that tour Grace was selected to represent the Big Music Bandits.


Through the Bandits, Grace has enjoyed playing gigs at the Enmore Theatre, Star Casino and the Parkes Elvis Festival, with a highlight being a performance with Roger Waters at Qudos Bank Arena. 


Grace is currently continuing her musical development by undertaking a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at the Conservatorium of Music.


Grace believes music is about having fun, pushing boundaries and focusing on confidence and enjoyment, all of which she strives to embody through her coaching.

Alex Powys

Drums | Guitar

Alex started playing the drums at the age of 10 when his grandmother bought him a drum kit for his birthday. He then picked up the guitar a year later and learnt that as well while continuing with his drumming.


Throughout High School, Alex continued to pour himself into his music. Upon completing his schooling Alex began touring Australia and Overseas opening for "The Amity Affliction", "Sevendust", and "Three Days Grace" to name a few. He has also played at the Download Festival in Australia and in the UK.  Alex is currently the drummer for "RedHook'' who have racked up over 2 million streams on Spotify.


Alex makes his lessons fun by teaching students the things that they want to learn while constantly challenging them to develop and improve their musicality and technique.