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Get to know our Coaches - Nick Twiney

Max Jacobs Guitar & Bass Coach

In the Get to know our Coaches feature we have our coaches share a bit more about themselves, their experience in the music industry, what inspires them and what interests they have outside of music.

Today we have the

Piano Coach Nick Twiney.

Favourite three Albums?

D'angelo - Voodoo

Frank Zappa - Roxy & Elsewhere

EST - Seven Days Of Falling

Best live show you have attended?

I got to see Stevie Wonder play at Central Park in NYC.

What is your career highlight?

Played a Funk gig with an 8 piece band, with Pat Powell singing. Was my favourite gig so far.

Who inspires you?

Cory Henry. My favourite keyboard player. I transcribe a lot of his work because he has the best ideas.

Name a song that is your guilty pleasure?

I really like Nice For What by Drake.

Interests and hobbies apart from music?

I like to go bushwalking and camping.

What's you hidden talent?

I'm alright at card tricks.

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