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Get to know our Coaches - Jasmine

Max Jacobs Guitar & Bass Coach

In the Get to know our Coaches feature we have our coaches share a bit more about themselves, their experience in the music industry, what inspires them and what interests they have outside of music.

Today we have vocal coach Jasmine!

Favourite three Albums?

Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morisette

Forget About It - Alison Krauss

Curtain Call - Eminem

Best live show you have attended?

The Book of Mormon- on Broadway NYC

What are your career highlights?

I got turned into a cartoon for one of my videoclips.

Who inspires you?

Dolly Parton.

Name a song that is your guilty pleasure?

How am I Supposed to Live Without You - Michael Bolton

Interests and hobbies apart from music?

Push ups! Chocolate! Stand up comedy (watching it. Obviously).

What's your hidden talent?

Heels on stage! That's not really hidden - but it's a skill for sure!

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