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Get to know our Coaches - Sasha Flikier

Max Jacobs Guitar & Bass Coach

In the Get to know our Coaches feature we have our coaches share a bit more about themselves, their experience in the music industry, what inspires them and what interests they have outside of music.

Today we have vocal, guitar and piano coach Sasha Flikier!

Favourite three Albums?

Alice In Chains - Dirt

Pat Metheny - Still Life Talking

Mr Bungle - self titled album

Best live show you have attended?

Flying Lotus - Layer 3 - Laneways.

What are your career highlights?

Playing in Fiji with Venus Fly Trap for Channel 10's "The Resort".

Playing in Amsterdam with Wormholes Exist. East coast Tour and Top 10 listing in Unsigned Music Awards 2007 for Wormholes Exist. Air play on Triple J, FBI interview and live set on air.

Dark Side of the Lagoon - Lord Howe with Stage Invaders.

Who inspires you?

All the people I work with.

Name a song that is your guilty pleasure?

Psy - Trance.

Interests and hobbies apart from music?

Tennis, snowboarding, surfing and cooking.

What's your hidden talent?

I am a ping pong wizard.

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