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Learning to play your favourite music with an instrument that you love is a fantastic skill to have, but some of us then need somewhere to show it off and entertain others!


Big Music’s performance programs and unique Rock Shows offer our community a range of opportunities to get up on stage and flex their musical muscles.


Bands in the community, such as our very own in-house Big Music Bandits, have been on stage supporting Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), paid tribute at the Variety Salutes Elton John concert, been in the lineup for festivals around Australia, and much more!


What's On

Big Music Player Evolution System

Our goal at Big Music is to inspire a lifelong love of music in all our students. For this reason we developed our own unique musical development system: Player Evolution.

Player Evolution provides a framework for students to set personal goals and measure their progress, without the need for exams or formal assessments. By helping people identify and connect with players of similar ability, Player Evolution also encourages students to embrace performing and share their love of music through all of the musical pathways that Big Music offers.

Wherever you are in your evolution as a player, Big Music is here to inspire and help you pursue your musical goals and dreams.

Player Evolution consists of 8 Levels across all contemporary instruments with specific skills and abilities at each level progressing towards the highest level of performing artistry.

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