PA and Pro Audio Equipment Hire

For your next party, gig or conference

 Big Music has a range of PA and quality Pro Audio Gear available for hire - including speakers, microphones and lighting.


Contact us on (02) 8622 6588 to discuss your PA Hire requirements.

Reasons to Hire from

Big Music

• Quality gear

• Low rates 

• Convenient pick up / drop off

• Expert advice ​

PA  Hire Agreement Terms & Conditions

PA and Sound Equipment Hire bookings are managed by Big Music's Workshop team - call (02) 8622 6588 or email​

$50 midweek rate (24 hrs)

$80 weekend rate (Fri-Mon)

Portable PA Pack

Portable speaker and microphone pack for quick and easy set up in any location.

Compact and easy to carry speaker and microphone combo (Roland BA330)

$350 midweek rate (24 hrs)

$450 weekend rate (Fri-Mon)

Large Party & Big Gig Pack

For outdoor events, parties and live gigs 200+ people.

Pack includes 4 x QSC K12 speakers, speaker stands, 4 x mics and mic stands, 12 channel mixer and cabling.

$60 midweek rate (24 hrs)

$100 weekend rate (Fri-Mon)

Small Party & Conference Pack

Single speaker and microphone pack.

Ideal for speeches and to play music from an iPhone / iPad at smaller events and conferences up to 80 people.  Package includes 1 x QSC K10 (1000w) speaker, speaker stand, microphone and cabling.

$250 midweek rate (24 hrs)

$350 weekend rate (Fri-Mon)

Medium Party & Gig Pack

Plenty of sound reinforcement for events up to 150 people.

Package includes 2 x QSC K10 front-of-house speakers, 1 x QSC K12 fold-back speaker, speaker stands, mic stands, 12 channel mixing console and cabling.

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