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Online Live & Interactive Music Lessons in your Home

Now you can enjoy fully personalised live online music lessons with Big Music's experienced and inspiring coaches in your own home, on your own instrument.  It's super easy to get set up and each session comes with our Great Experience Guarantee!*

*Great Experience Guarantee:  If you don't enjoy your online lesson experience, for example if some technical hurdles get in the way - you won't pay for it - we'll give you a full refund.



Getting set up for online lessons is easy... watch this short video and read on for some tips.


  1. Start preparing 5 or 10 minutes before your lesson is scheduled to start

  2. Download the ZOOM app before your first lesson. If you don’t already have the Zoom app, we will send you a link in an email when we confirm your first online lesson. ZOOM loads and runs easily on most devices - phones, tablets and computers.

  3. We recommend using a device with a large screen so you can see your coach more easily

  4. Make sure you are in a quiet room with a fast internet connection

  5. Position your device so the coach can see you playing your instrument - a music stand or small table is generally all you need, and your Big Music coach will guide you in your first online lesson

  6. Make sure your instrument is tuned and / or switched on and ready to play

  7. A USB Microphone and set of Headphones, while not essential, will make a big difference to the sound quality for you and your coach. See below for more gear suggestions.  

  8. If you're playing an electronic instrument (e.g. digital piano or electronic drum kit) you'll need to have a speaker connected or a digital audio interface so your coach can hear you - if you need help with this please ask us (allow plenty of time before your lesson)



Open a Zoom meeting window and do the following:

1) Click the arrow next to the microphone, and click "Audio settings" (last menu item).

2) On the lower right of the window, click "Advanced"

3) From here you will see options: "Suppress persistent background noise" and "Suppress intermittent background noise” - disable both.

4) Click "Show in-meeting option to 'Enable Original Sound' from microphone"

Depending on your instrument and environment, Big Music can recommend (and supply) a range of gear to improve the sound quality and experience for your online lessons. See below for more information and recommendations.  


You will receive a Zoom link in your lesson reminder email or in a separate email from us prior to your lesson.


When it is time to start your lesson, click on the Zoom link.  This will automatically take you to your coach's virtual "Waiting Room" - then just wait a few moments until your coach invites you to join the session (your coach might be wrapping up a previous lesson, so please be patient if this takes a few minutes).  

At the end of the lesson, click the "Leave Meeting” button in your Zoom app - this is really important as it frees up our Coach to start their next lesson.


  • Please make sure you wear appropriate attire for online lessons, as you would at our studios

  • Please refrain from bad language and maintain good conduct in your online lessons, as you would at our studios

  • Big Music coaches are not permitted to engage with students online or via social media at any time other than for the express purpose of conducting Big Music's scheduled lessons

  • Big Music may record online lessons for quality, training and compliance reasons


To optimise your home music lessons experience, a bit of extra gear will enhance the audio quality at both ends (for you and your coach). 

Check out the rig below - with a USB Microphone, iPad Holder, Headphones and a Mic Stand.  This is perfectly suited for most online lessons -  including Electric Guitar (provided you have an amp), Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar (with amp), Singing, Ukulele and Piano.


You might need some extra gear (like an Audio Interface) for electronic drums  and digital pianos - ask our expert team for more details.


All this gear is available to order from Big Music and through our  online store.

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