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Online School Holiday Music Workshops

Week 1: Monday 20th Sep - Friday 24th Sep 
Week 2: Monday 27th Sep - Friday 1st Oct

Despite Covid-19 putting our regular camps on hold, the Show must go on!

So for the Spring School Holidays, we are offering Online Live & Interactive Music Workshops for Kids AGED 8 to 12.

No musical experience, or instrument, is required for the Online Workshops. The emphasis is on fun, creative musical activities including songwriting, singing and electronic music production. 




  • Online Workshops run for 2 hours each day: 10am-12noon.

  • Online session links and instructions on how to connect to each session will be sent to you prior to the camp.  

  • Kids just need a quiet space and a device (eg. computer or tablet) with internet access and Zoom. We will also send a link to download the free Soundtrap app for the Making Music sessions.  

  • A set of headphones makes it easier to hear the coach clearly. 

  • Kids will rotate through 3 virtual classrooms with 3 different coaches at 35 minute intervals, with 5 minute breaks in between - see the Daily Program below.

  • The maximum online class size is 6 kids with 1  coach. We will endeavour to group kids by age categories.  

  • At the end of each session our coaches will set the kids up with additional fun, creative activities they can carry on with until the next day.  

Camp Fees and Guarantee


5 Day Workshop - $225

"Great Time Guarantee" - If your child does not enjoy the online camp experience, you may withdraw at any time and we will refund the unused portion of the camp fees.

Save $100 by applying your NSW Government Creative Kids Voucher - ask us how!

Online Music Workshops - Daily Program

Sensational Songwriting

Daily - 35 minutes


●  Have fun writing your own songs, guided by an expert musician coach

●  Interact and share creative ideas with other kids


●  Choose a genre for your song

●  Create some fun lyrics together

●  Learn about song form and structure

●  Learn about the elements that combine to make up a great song

Super Singing

Daily - 35 minutes


●  Sing along to popular songs, guided by an expert vocal coach

●  Interact and share the experience with other kids


●  Vocal warm ups 

●  Breathing techniques

●  Vocal phrasing

●  Record yourself singing along with popular songs

Making Music (with Soundtrap*)

Daily - 35 minutes


● Learn the basics of electronic music production 

● Interact and share creative ideas with other kids


●  Make a drum beat with a sequencer

●  Create tracks with a wide range of instruments

●  Create loops

●  Compose and record your own song/s

*Soundtrap is a free music education app, Big Music will send an invitation code with instructions on how to join this session.

Or call (02) 8622 6550 Mon-Fri 10am-5pm or email

(With our team working from home, if you have difficulty getting through on the phone please email us and we will call back ASAP)

Further Information for Parents

The Camp Program is designed so that minimal parental involvement or supervision is required, other than to get the sessions set up (using the Zoom links we will send you) and switching to the next session / coach at 35 minute intervals, while the kids take a short break from their screens.  

For the "Making Music" class kids will need a free music education app called "Soundtrap" loaded on their computer - we will send you an invitation code prior to the first session.  

If you would like to have more than one child participate then please make sure they each have their own device.  An additional booking fee, and a separate email account for Soundtrap, is required for each child.

 Some tips to optimise your Zoom audio quality and overall experience can be found here:

Big Music's coaches all have Working with Children Certification.  We have implemented an Online Lesson Code of Conduct for coaches, together with additional safeguards to protect the safety and privacy of our online teaching.  For more information, please contact us.  

 TESTIMONIALS (from our regular camps)

"My kids,had a brilliant time at their Ultimate Rock ‘Adventure’. They were really buzzing each afternoon when they came home."    - Andrea

"The holiday camp was our first experience with Big Music and we were all impressed. The kids had a blast and learnt so much. It was such a valuable and enjoyable experience. When your kids ask can they go again next holidays and want a drum kit, you know that they had fun."   - Penny

"My children loved the music camp and asked me straight after if they could do it again. They have been singing the songs that they learnt at the camp in the car."  - Juliette

"Both kids had a wonderful time at the camp and they are begging to go back next holidays which is only good news to me."   - Liz 

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