Kinder Beat


Kinder Beat Preschool Program

Kinder Beat is an award-winning program that utilises ground breaking early childhood educational principles and introduces young children to music in a way that stimulates all of their senses.


Aimed at children from ages 2-5, the classes are held in groups of up to 6 kids and conducted by a Kinder Beat accredited coach.


Best of all, parents will get to sit in and participate with their child - they’re an essential learning partner in their child’s musical journey and an integral part of the class.

Course Details: The Kinder Beat program consists of 3 courses, with each taking 6-12 months to complete.

$45 - 45 minute Class

$40 - Required Student Kit

Level 1 - Music Box Magic (2-3 years old)

Level 2 - Percussion Play (3-4 years old)

Level 3 - Kinder Beat Piano (4-5 years old)


Kinder Beat provides children with a number of musical and non-musical benefits. Musical basics are introduced first, introducing children to fundamental experiences of rhythm, beat, pulse and metre.


High and low, loud and soft, fast and slow - key concepts of music and sound are covered through fun and stimulating activities, as well as introductions to reading experiences, beginning with iconic symbols before progressing onto traditional notation.

Kids’ gross and fine motor skills are developed with Kinder Beat, as well as pro-social skills due to the collaboration between group members, sharing, cooperating, turn-taking and following directions.


Put simply, these young participants will be stimulated and challenged intellectually through listening, learning, problem-solving and generating creative responses to fun and engaging tasks.


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