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Group Classes

Beginner Group Classes

Group Classes are fun, social and a great way for kids to get started in music! They're also great value.


Big Music offers group classes for 5-8 year olds on guitar, drums, piano and singing for Level 1 and Level 2 players according to our Player Evolution System.


Group Classes run on a 10 week term, typically running alongside the school terms and with school holiday breaks.

Beginner Group Classes

 30 minute class = $45 per person 

    (Term = 10 weekly classes)

Age Groups

   5 - 8 years old


   1A, 1B, 2A, 2B (1 term each)

Classes are subject to a minimum of 3 people enrolling. 

Group Class Timetable
Term 3


4pm- Drums: Level 2A

4pm- Guitar: Level 2A

4pm- Keys: Level 2A



4pm- Keys: Level 2A



3:30pm- Guitar: Level 1A

4pm- Keys: Level 2A

4:30pm- Drums: Level 1B





4pm- Singing: Level 1A

4pm- Guitar: Level 1B

4pm- Drums: Level 2A



10am- Keys: Level 1B

10:30am- Drums: Level 2A

10:30am- Singing: Level 2A

11am- Guitar: Level 2A

Please note: Some group classes may require a method book that can be purchased from The Studio Crew at Big Music.