Big Music's Covid-19 Policies and Action Plan

Last updated 01/04/2020

Status Summary

All lessons have been moved to Online via Zoom with our coaches working from home.  All group classes and performance programs have been cancelled.  Our Retail Shop and Guitar Workshop are open with strict hygiene measures, social distancing, reduced staff and trading hours - Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, closed Sundays.  Phone and Online orders welcome.  



To protect our team and community Big Music is committed to the following policies and actions in relation to Covid-19 : 


  • we will monitor and follow the advice of our Governments and Health Authorities with regard to Covid-19 

  • we will monitor our community of students, staff, coaches and customers for cases of Covid-19 

  • any team member that has travelled overseas or come in contact with a person infected by Covid-19 is required to notify management immediately and self-isolate at home for 14 days; if they develop any symptoms they must see their doctor and follow their advice, including taking a Covid-19 test if required - they must not return to work until give a negative test result and all symptoms have resolved

  • any team member with cold or flu like symptoms is required to stay at home, consult their doctor and only come back to work when clear of all symptoms and given the “all clear” by medical professionals

  • if we become aware of any Covid-19 cases within our student community, Big Music's management team will immediately establish an action plan based on the advice of Health Authorities taking into account the timing, nature and extent of the infected person's contacts at Big Music

  • to comply with safe social distancing guidelines we will:

    • arrange for staff to work from home to the maximum extent possible given the nature of their role

    • implement team rosters to rotate staff between work and home so that they come into contact with each other as little as possible whilst ensuring services are maintained for our customers 

    • rearrange desks, counters and workspaces to establish at least 1.5m distance between all staff while at work

    • ban all social gatherings, events, parties, functions and uses of Big Music's facilities for any purpose other than music instrument retail, repairs, hire and music education

    • display a notice advising the maximum room capacity on each the door of every studio and room (based on 1 person per 4 sqm) and ensure these limits are complied with at all times

    • modify all group tuition studios and programs as necessary to reduce group sizes to enable safe compliance 

    • instruct our coaches to ensure students are maintaining safe distancing (1.5m) within all studio sessions

    • re-arrange our shop counters and place distance markers on the floor to ensure safe distancing between customers and staff

    • as of Monday 16th March, offer students the option of switching to Online Live & Interactive lessons with their Big Music coach via Zoom

    • as of 24th March 2020, cancel all group classes and performance programs and continue our music education activities through private lessons only

    • as of 27th March 2020, reduce our shop trading hours to Mon-Sat 10am to 5pm, closed Sundays

    • as of 30th March 2020, our Crows Nest studios will be closed and all lessons will be Online Live & Interactive with our coaches working from home

  • with regard to cleaning, health and hygiene practices within our premises we will:

    • set up hand sanitising stations throughout our shop, music school and studios

    • require customers and students to clean or sanitise their hands before handling instruments in the shop or studios 

    • use a hospital grade disinfectant (Virex) to clean all hard surfaces daily (floors, bathrooms, door handles) and more frequently (every 2 hours) for all high traffic/high touch public areas such as service counters, hand rails, EFTPOS terminals, phones, etc.

    • provide antibacterial hand soap in all bathrooms 

    • place signs throughout our facilities to remind customers and students about good hygiene and safe distancing 

    • wipe down all touch points on instruments and studio gear (amps etc) after every lesson and store demo 

    • using 75% isopropyl alcohol spray and/or Glen 20 disinfectant on microphones and mic stands after every use (and encourage all  singers to BYO microphone) 

    • no longer provide guitar picks or drum sticks for customers testing guitars in the shop (unless they purchase their own) 

    • established strict procedures for cleaning instruments in the shop before and after being handled by customers

  • ensure management meet regularly to review the current circumstances and advice of Health Authorities to ensure our policies and actions remain adequate, effective and fully compliant

  • keep our team and community informed of changes to our policies and any other matters of importance.

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