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The Big Music Bandits

The Big Music Bandits Program

The Big Music Bandits are amongst the finest young musicians in the country, selected as the "best of the best" from Big Music's 800+ regular students.


The Bandits are given opportunities to play live at community events and go on tour to support some huge shows around Australia and even overseas!


They serve as an inspiration for other Big Music students and are key contributors to the Big Music community and what it stands for.


The Bandits are continually given opportunities throughout each year to play alongside some industry legends at spectacular shows around the country, on national television, and at professional shows and festivals.

Highlights & Supporting Roles

-    Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

-    Baby Animals

-    Parkes Elvis Festival

-    Variety Salutes Elton John

-    Hoodoo Gurus

-    Screaming Jets

-    You Am I

-    Choirboys

-    Ian Moss

-    Us Fest (2019)

-    Bandits United States Tour

How Do I Join The Bandits?

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Auditions are open to all Big Music students under 18 years of age that are currently enrolled in a performance program, such as a Rock Show or Junior Rock Band Coaching.


Auditions are held every January, as well as when vacancies arise with graduating members passing down their spot at 18 years of age.


Talent and musical ability are hugely important within the Bandits criteria for recruitment. However, how our bandits conduct themselves on and off stage in accordance with the Bandits Code Of Conduct (below), as well as their coachability, attitude, and how they work in a team environment is just as big a consideration.


The Bandits are led by Damon Lesnie, Big Music's senior Music Director

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Bandits Code of Conduct

Balance - To find the balance between your responsibilities such as school, sports, friends and family. Find the right balance and the music will take care of itself.

Accountability - We are accountable and responsible for learning our parts as team members of the Bandits. Also being on time at rehearsal, performances, airports, buses and hotels. It doesn’t always work out how we plan, so accept responsibility for your actions and learn from them.

Nobility - We are noble in our cause to ROCK!! We are generous with our charity work. We are honest with each other and demonstrate integrity both on and off the stage. We are ambassadors of Big Music and apply these Bandits values at all times.

Dependable - Your band mates depend and rely on you to fulfil your role within the group. We never let our team mates down.

Improvement - Showing improvement on your instrument is the whole point of going to a music school. Those who continue to improve, stand out. We own and accept our mistakes and learn from them. We offer no excuses. We are always improving as team mates, musicians and human beings.

Teamwork - Bandits is not a “solo” project. Bandits are a team, a group, a gang, a family, and a community. When a team mate falls down, we pick them up. When a team mate needs a hand, we help them out. We share all of the good and bad times together. We support and respect the coaches and student leadership team.

Showtime!!! - When the Bandits take the stage, we are ready to get the job done. We focus on the job at hand and give no less than 100% with both preparation and performance.

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